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Pain relief and Holistic Care for Expats in the heart of Seoul

The Create Wellness Center has been serving the English speaking Korean community from the Itaewon neighbourhood of Seoul for over 20 years. With a combination of US Chiropractors, Rehabilitation Specialists, Therapeutic Massage, and Pilates, our centre provides comprehensive holistic care, a bilingual staff and atmosphere that would be comfortable for anyone who has lived abroad.

Our staff is bilingual and we also provide English insurance receipts that you can submit to your international insurance company for reimbursement. Our main branch is in Itaewon, (02) 749-4849 and our newest branch is in Pyeongtaek (031) 647-0749. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation with our specialists today!




The three pillars of our clinic

In order to treat the body in the most effective, holistic way, we use a team approach to give tailored treatments to each client according to their needs. US Chiropractors help with assessing posture, correcting spinal imbalance, giving custom orthotics. Physiotherapists help with injury recovery, increasing mobility and strength, and focused manual therapy. Our massage therapists provide multiple types of therapeutic massage– relaxation, dry, even prenatal and postnatal.

International Insurance

Our bilingual receptionists provide insurance receipts that you can submit for reimbursement to your insurance company. Also, if you are covered and provide us with a GOP (Guarantee of Payment), we can bill your insurance company directly! Skip the hassle and let us take care of the paperwork for you.