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CEO / Rehabilitation Specialist / Pilates Trainer

I have always enjoyed sports, even at a young age. I majored in Sports Management during my university years, and dreamed of working with sports athletes. While taking classes in sports medicine I learned how effective treatments could be,if administered properly. But, it was my own serious and debilitating knee injury,which required surgery, that lead me to a career of rehabilitation exercise and therapy.

Because of my active life, and consequently, my serious injuries, I truly understand the patient’s experience. I have been on the receiving end of the treatments that I now provide. This gives me a unique perspective, and an honest understanding of my patients. Now, after receiving great rehabilitation therapy, I can provide the same therapies, and help my own patients recover, and improve their current health and wellness. Activity doesn’t have to stop after an injury. I hope I can help you stay active and healthy.


Read what our clients have to say:

Youngmin is so knowledgeable. I play baseball and used to ride horses competitively. There were problems with my lower body that I never knew about until I saw him. He explained so well, the tightness I experienced and how this area was affecting others areas. He can tell just by simply looking at your body and posture. It was easy, he knows his craft so well. I trust him and would fully recommend him, even if it’s not just sports related. My range of motion has seriously improved. Value for money… well worth it.