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I grew up in Massachusetts and went to college in Rochester, NY for chemistry while continuing studies in jazz saxophone and bass. While working as a chemical engineer I realized that my calling was in holistic healthcare after pursuing natural health methods for myself as well as observing the way that it helped several family members. I moved to Portland, OR and attended the National College of Natural Medicine, the first Naturopathy school, at which I studied a 6 year combined degree program of Naturopathy and Oriental Medicine.

At NCNM we were trained in various modalities such as nutrition, western and eastern botanical medicine, bodywork, minor surgery, acupuncture, moxibustion, while also being trained to become Primary Care Physicians by learning how to diagnose and treat various diseases using conventional methods as well. In addition to the standard coursework, I also pursued extra courses in the form of:

• 2.5 years of Shiatsu massage training: Japanese acu-pressure therapy

• 2 years of mentorship and 1 year of fixed clinical shifts with Dr. Joon Hee Lee DAOM, specializing in Chinese Herbalism with an emphasis on Shang Han Lun and Jin Gue Yao Lue formulas

• 1 year of mentorship with Dr. Bob Quinn DAOM and Daniel Silver LAc, specializing in Japanese meridian therapy and non-insertive acupuncture techniques

• 2 years of Classical Chinese language study at NCNM and outside workshops with Sabine Wilms, PhD

I believe that in order to practice holistic medicine, I must use all the resources available to me, and I enjoy using the various tools that I’ve gathered over the years in unique combinations suited towards each patient. Longterm health involves a cooperative approach from both practitioner and patient and I like to encourage each patient to be as active as possible in their own healing process. In addition to traditional medicine, I am also a professional musician and painter and truly believe in the healing and enlivening power of art. I encourage all of my patients to find a creative medium and use it to regularly express themselves.