Computerized Spinal Analysis

//Computerized Spinal Analysis

Computerized Spinal Analysis

We use the latest computer technology to analyze your spinal posture and offer you the choice of pain relief care and/or postural corrective rehabilitative care.

Most people are not aware that 80% of what the Doctor needs to know to diagnose your problem comes from a thorough patient history examination and consultation.

In today’s health care world, most patient’s are rushed in and out doctor’s offices and are not given the proper attention. At our clinic we spend as much quality time as necessary to get the proper patient information and work together to get you back to health!

After your consultation, a digital image of your front and side posture is evaluated by our posture analysis equipment to detect where your problem areas exist. Then the patient is given a thorough battery of neurologic and orthopedic tests. All three examinations help to determine an accurate diagnosis, helping us to form a more effective treatment plan.

However, if your case is found not to be one that can be helped at our clinic, we will be happy to refer to to another specialist.

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