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Our rehabilitation specialists provide two types of therapies: Rehabilitative exercises and Therapeutic Muscle Stretching (TMS). Rehabilitative Exercises are custom tailored movements that help to strengthen weak muscles and improve balance, while TMS is a form of manual therapy that involves muscle release, sometimes using tools such as Graston, Redcord,  Togu, and Foam Rollers as well.

Rehabilitation is not only appropriate for those recovering from injury, it is also for anyone who wants to improve their mobility and strength, for athletic activities, but also daily living as well. When used in combination with chiropractic or massage, it can help to provide optimum balance and wellness in the long term by maintaining proper muscle tone.

Read more about our rehabilitation specialists:

Youngmin Chun, CEO

Rehabilitation Specialist

Dankook University, Korea

Ida Lövgren

Rehabilitation Specialist

Uppsala University, Sweden

Don Lee

Rehabilitation Specialist

Hanseo University, Korea

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