Service Pricing

Discount packages are also available starting from 5 sessions: please email or call (02) 749-4849 for more information!


• Initial visit takes 20 minutes and costs 115,000won

• All subsequent visits are 63,000won and take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Massage Therapy:

• 25 mins: 44,000won

• 55 mins: 85,000won

• 85 mins: 127,000won

• 115 mins: 170,000won


• There are two treatment types within Rehabilitative services:

Rehabilitative Exercises involve prescription and guidance of specific exercises that are designed to strengthen weak muscles and mobilize tight ones.

25 mins: 53,000won

55 mins: 103,000won

85 mins: 152,000won

115 mins: 202,000won

Therapeutic Muscle Stretching is a hands-on, manual therapy where the practitioner directly helps to loosen tight muscles and adhesions using their hands as well as various tools such as Graston technique.

25 mins: 58,000won

55 mins: 113,000won

85 mins: 167,000won

115 mins: 222,000won


• 55 mins: 88,000won single or duo session

• Group pilates (up to 3 people): 10 package of 50 min sessions is 272,000won per person.


• Initial visits are typically 25 mins and cost 60,000won. If a more extensive intake is required, 55min / 110,000won is also available.

• Followup visits are 25 mins and are 60,000won.


Most foreign insurance companies cover our services. For example: Cigna, Aetna, SOS Alliance, Mail Handlers, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Foreign Service Benefit Plan, and more. Typically, we provide an insurance receipt in English which details diagnosis and treatment which can then be submitted to your respective company. If your insurance company allows for direct billing arrangements, we can proceed on a case by case basis if you are able to show a “Guarantee of Payment” that shows your coverage status, deductible, and co-pay details.

If your insurance requires a Doctor’s letter of recommendation, we can provide that if you have seen one of our Chiropractic or Naturopathic Doctors.

Korean national insurance does not cover our services.