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Orthotics Instructions (English version)


GETTING STARTED:         It is important to wear your orthotics every time you wear shoes and to wear them in the style of shoes for which they are designed. Different shoes need different orthotics. If your orthotics don’t seem to fit properly into your shoes, you may be using them with the wrong style of shoes. You need to use them in shoes with a wide toe box and a firm heel counter. Be sure you understand the style of shoe in which your doctor wants the orthotics to be worn. Make sure you take out the original padding insoles in your shoes before inserting the new foot orthotics.

WEARING SCHEDULE:    Foot imbalances rarely occur overnight. Correcting a long-term problem can take some time, too. The typical user reports a break-in period of about two weeks for Foot Adjuster orthotics.
Wear your orthotics 3 hours per day for the first week, then gradually increase the wearing time by 1 hour per day. You may experience some minor discomfort in the first days of wear. If so, remove the orthotics for about half an hour and then re-insert. Repeat this process as often as necessary until the adaptation process is complete.

A HELPFUL EXERCISE:     The golf ball exercise is a simple way to speed the adaptation process. Sit with a golf ball under your bare foot. Roll the ball with as much pressure as is comfortable from the front of your foot to the back, and along the arches and outer edges. Do this for up to 5 minutes per foot, twice a day, to speed adaptation.

HOW TO INSERT: Proper placement of Foot Adjuster orthotics requires a snug inner fit against the back of each shoe. Don’t be concerned if the orthotics seem too wide; they will conform to your shoes after a few days of wear.
If your shoes have a raised arch or heel areas, remove the manufacturer’s insoles before inserting the orthotics. To do their job, your orthotics must rest on a flat surface.
Put the orthotic, flat side down, into your shoe. Slide the orthotic into the shoe, then press down at the heels so that the back of the orthotic rests firmly against the inside back of the shoe.

ORTHOTICS CARE:          Foot Adjuster orthotics are crafted of only high quality materials selected for comfort and durability, but not sacrificing function. They will continue to give therapeutic support for a long time with some care on our part:

  • Remove orthotics from shoes nightly to “air out”.
  • Avoid exposure to water. If orthotics get wet, remove and allow to dry completely before re-inserting.
  • If soiled, wipe surface with a clean, damp cloth. Never use cleansers or chemical solvents on your orthotics.

Before your foot biomechanics can change over time, your prescription orthotics should be reevaluated by your doctor annually. But contact your doctor right away if you have any questions about the condition or performance of your orthotics.