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What To Expect During Your Naturopathic Visits2014-11-15T00:33:29-05:00

Thank you for considering Naturopathic Medicine as part of your healthcare journey. I believe that holistic medicine requires a multifaceted approach on the part of the practitioner as well as the patient and as such, these visits will be customized to provide the maximum therapeutic benefit. In general, here is the structure and explanation of the services offered:


1) Preliminary consultation: 15-20 minutes (free)

During this visit we will discuss your health concerns, symptoms, and goals and determine whether or not Naturopathic medicine will be a good fit for you. Basic physical exams such as pulse diagnosis, blood pressure, might be performed if necessary, but this visit is more about gathering information before an actual intake.


2) Initial visit: 90 minutes (150,000 won) 

Note: patients who are certain about receiving Naturopathic care can skip the first step and schedule an Initial Visit. At this visit we will go more in depth in discussing your health history, including the different aspects of your symptoms, prior medical history, family history, other constitutional symptoms, medicines and supplements you are taking, and any other concern you might have. Following this, I will perform diagnostic exams which might include blood pressure, heart and lung exams, as well as traditional Asian style pulse, tongue, and abdomen diagnosis.

According to the information gleaned from these exams, I will perform a gentle 10-15 bodywork treatment which will work with balancing the body’s energy using shiatsu, acupressure, moxibustion or other tools. Finally, we will discuss your treatment plan in terms of lifestyle modification, newly prescribed supplements or botanicals, dietary changes, as well as any questions or concerns you might have about treatment.


3) Follow up visit: 60 minutes (100,000 won)

This visit will be structured similarly to the first visit with a shorter discussion in the beginning: we will focus on how you responded to the previous treatment, track improvement or worsening of various symptoms, followed by a brief physical exam, bodywork session, and discussion of treatment plan and followup visits. For most patients, followup visits would be recommended on a 2-3 week basis if working with a chronic disorder, or 4-6 weeks if working with health maintenance or preventative medicine.


4) “Tune-up” sessions: 30 minutes (50,000 won)

For some patients, I will recommend weekly or even biweekly bodywork sessions for a period of time, usually 5-10 sessions in a row. These sessions would consist mostly of assessing the body’s condition through pulse, abdomen, tongue, and complexion according to Asian medicine, followed by re-balancing the body using the methods described above: shiatsu, acupressure, moxibustion, cupping therapies. These sessions are only available upon practitioner recommendation (can not be scheduled online by the patient).


Please call (02) 749-8489 to schedule an appointment or email skydoc23@gmail.com for further questions!


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