Newspaper Article about our clinic

//Newspaper Article about our clinic

Newspaper Article about our clinic

Sky Wellness Center (now Create Wellness Center)

The sky’s the limit for Itaewon’s newest health, wellness and chiropractic clinic


Owned by Dr. Sean Kim, who has been serving the foreign community in Itaewon since 2005, Sky Wellness Center opened its doors on Dec, 1, 2009, and boats a surprisingly stylish atmosphere, a large and well-trained staff including three chiropractors, one Pilates instructor, one exercise rehab specialist, and nine massage therapists.

The clinic, which places emphasis on holistic wellbeing and detailed individual care and integrates chiropractic, massage and Pilates to achieve optimum health, offers a wide variety of services including chiropractic treatment with a pre-session massage, programs for Injuries, migraine headaches, disk disorders, scoliosis, birth trauma, foot and nerve disorders and work related ailments. IN addition, the clinic carries a variety of sports med products, pillows and orthotics.

As a PC-bound, hunch backed type-o-holic with poor posture, I decided to test the waters myself and was delighted when Dr. Sean welcomed me as a last minute walk-in for an hour long aromatherapy massage.

After a one-year stay in Thailand, I am no stranger to massages and have frequented numerous Seoul-based establishments including three chiropractic clinics, several 5-star hotel spas and a variety of Thai massage franchises. I’m a picky customer with sensitive ligaments, a distaste for vigorous stretching and I bruise embarrassingly easily. With that in mind, I had a brief chat with Sean before my session with Massage Therapist Brian, who received his training at the renowned Korean massage society.

My session began in the clinic’s cozy reception area, resplendent with original artwork by office Manager Yoon, who sat with me to discuss my preferences. She recommended several different oils based on my particular issues. As Yoon described the various benefits of each oil, I sipped tea and munched on snacks while Christmas carols played. Upon selecting an invigorating pumpkin/cinnamon oil as a base, I was led to the clinic’s private room which more closely resembles a luxury spa than a medical clinic. Yoon chose lavender as burning oil for relaxation, while I lay on the heated bed and waited for Massage Therapist Brian to enter.

While I love a good Thai massage with plenty of chit-chat, Brian is the sort of masseuse one savors when craving serenity. Deferential and quiet, he spoke very little, save to politely introduce himself, inquire about room conditions and explain that the protocol would be Swedish with a personalized touch. THe images that filled my mind as Brian’s hands began sweeping oil across my body were of rippling water. I’ve yet to experience a masseuse whose technique was so gentle, intuitive and clearly effective. A far cry from the aggresive sports massages I’d grimaced through in other clinics, Brian’s style is controlled and remarkably fluid.

The overall experience left me feeling loose, relaxed and rejuvenated, and I certainly smelled heavenly. I was particularly impressed by the intimate, personal attention I received and the resulting ‘pampered’ feeling. In the past, I’d felt like a product being shooed through a factory at many booming clinics; Dr. Sean and his staff clearly view patients in a better light.

Remember, “In health and wellness SKY’s the limit.”

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