Published in EthnoScopes: Tracks of an Anthropologist

//Published in EthnoScopes: Tracks of an Anthropologist

Published in EthnoScopes: Tracks of an Anthropologist

A New Chiropractic Office in Seoul

Ribs, ribs, never gave them much thought before. My little November-December surprise this year has been a real “treat” [heavy sarcasm here] – some ribs have popped off the sternum. Although I was going to one chiropractic clinic, when two more ribs abandoned ship last week while sleeping on my side, I abandoned that chiropractic clinic for another that held proises of specializing in rebellious thoraccics and wayward ribs.

Sky Wellness Center (Now Create Wellness Center) is the latest chiropractic additions in Seoul. It opened in early December this year and treats clients more holitically than any other chiropractic office I’ve been to or even heard about …. and I’ve been to and searched out quite a few! Upon entering the office, the ambience is simple, airy, and inviting. OK, I’m partial here because the office is decorated arouned green, my favorite color, but also a color connected with healing, health, and nature – in short, a great representative color for a more naturalistic type of healing.

Also, unlike ANY chiropractic office I’ve been to, a 10-minute massage is part of the treatment as the massage loosens and relaxes the muscles and makes the adjustment/therapy more effective. What’s more, the chiropractic doctors don’t built their exclusive and personal clientele but rather holistic care is centered aroun the clients needs, so clients could have two doctors treating them. For example, Dr. Sean the owner and the person wh ocarefully did my health history to determine the best treatment for me will be focusing more on my back (and ribs) while Dr. Choi will correct my straightened neck and treat my osteoporisis. [I’ve never heard of anyone getting positive results with chiropractics for osteoporosis, so am looking forward to this …… and hey, I’m intensely fascinated with medical anthropology, so not only will I benefit physically but also mentally from this experience!]

Anyways, today celebrates treatment #3 and I have to say, I am VERY satisfied with the treatment, the atmosphere and extremely attentive staff, and most importantly the holistic care given to my very [strong emphasis on ‘very’] contrary back. While many chiropractic centers are organized around a brisk pace and “efficiency”, the primary philosophy at SKY Wellness Center is focused on the client and the efficacy of chiropractics!

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