Hydrotherapy is one of the most important healing modalities in traditional naturopathic medicine. It utilizes the therapeutic benefits of water in a variety of ways and at various temperatures to promote a specific health outcome in a particular patient. Hydrotherapy techniques range from simply drinking plenty of water, taking a bath, and steam inhalation to a more complex therapy like constitutional hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy can be used as part of the individualized treatment plan for a wide range of conditions, including:colds, flu and other infections, insomnia, stress and headaches, immune system disorders, pain relief, injuries and inflammatory disorders, circulatory and respiratory health, detoxification and elimination, and any digestive ailments.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy (alternating hot and cold to back, chest and abdomen)is a very effective naturopathic therapy that stimulates the immune system and achieves total body detoxification. It has been traditionally used to detoxify heavy metal exposure, pesticide/herbicide toxicity, and the daily toxic buildup of improper diet and lifestyle. This hydrotherapy technique is called “constitutional” because it changes the very constitution of each individual cell. This means that each cell in your body is stimulated to remove waste products and utilize nutrients more efficiently for regeneration.

After your ND evaluates the nature of your condition, she may go through a series of 6, 10, 15 or more hydrotherapy treatments until your body regains strength and vital force. For simpler hydrotherapy techniques, your ND will teach you how to utilize them at home for various mild conditions such as cold, sinusitis, and fever, as needed.