Homeopathic medicine was founded in the late 1700s by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann and has been widely practiced throughout Europe. It is based on the idea that “like cures like.” If a substance causes a set of symptoms in a healthy person in large doses, the same substance when extremely diluted can cure the illness of a person with the similar symptoms. Made from minute amounts of plant, mineral, or animal substances, homeopathic remedies are designed to stimulate the internal curative process rather than suppress the symptoms. Homeopathic medicine is a truly holistic system of medicine in that mental, emotional and physical symptoms unique to the patient are all taken into consideration to find a remedy that matches the closest to the whole person. In homeopathic medicine, the individuality of experiences in similar situations is highly valued as important and thus individualized treatment is emphasized.

During homeopathic consultations, your ND will work with you to understand the totality of your particular symptoms in various areas and find a remedy that matches that totality rather than one or two symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are particularly effective for depression, anxiety, allergies, infections, gynecological concerns, skin conditions, digestive problems, chronic and acute conditions including colds and flu, but not limited to only these.