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CEO of Create Wellness / Eulji Medical University Professor

DC from Western States Chiropractic College 2005

BS from University of Oregon 2000

Certified for Graston Technique, ART

US National Board of Chiropractic Examiners certified chiropractor

Introduced to chiropractic following a motor vehicle accident in 2001, Dr Sean knows the benefits of chiropractic firsthand. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Biology in 2000 with plans on entering into healthcare. During the summer after graduation his car was broadsided resulting in severe lower back and neck pains. He sought out help from his family doctor who could only prescribe him painkillers and muscle relaxants which were only helping to mask the pain.  After a friend recommended seeking the help of a chiropractor he found permanent and lasting relief.  He was also given exercises to do to help support the treatments he received and even education about his condition. Inspired by his own treatment and recovery he sought out a career in chiropractic. In 2006 he decided to help pioneer chiropractic in Korea and has been helping the expat and Korean community in Seoul achieve better health and wellness ever since.


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