By Dr. Sean Kim

December 2, 2009


The department stores have hung decorations and Starbucks has red and green mugs for sale. These signs that the holidays are upon us are hard to miss. The holiday season, for many, signals a time of joy and sharing. For others, however, stress an tension are annual ingredients in the festivities.

Increased stress and additional tension in our lives can affect sleeping patterns, adding fatigue to the list of holiday health complaints. A highly common location to “carry” this extra tension in our bodies is through the shoulders and neck. In addition to neck and back pain, sufferers may also experience a higher frequency of headaches.

Prolonged muscle tension, even in the most common of cases can cause the spine to move out of alignment. The muscles on either side of the spine, in the neck and back, can become so tight that they literally pull the spine out of its natural position. This increases pain and discomfort.

To stay tension-free this holiday season try something new. Taking up yoga can be very beneficial for almost anyone. Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage to ease tension if you feel it coming. Chiropractic care can also help keep muscle tension at a minimum and the spine in alignment. Regular adjustments will help you maintain a healthy range of motion.

If neck or back pain becomes intolerable or worrisome, contact your physician and schedule an appointment. There may be a more complex problem.

Stay health, active and stress-free this holiday season. When it comes to health and wellness, the sky is the limit.


Dr. Sean H. Kim, a Korean-American US citizen, is the CEO of Create Wellness Center. He is a US Board Certified Chiropractor

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