Newspaper Article about our clinic

Sky Wellness Center (now Create Wellness Center) The sky's the limit for Itaewon's newest health, wellness and chiropractic clinic   Owned by Dr. Sean Kim, who has been serving the foreign community in Itaewon since 2005, Sky Wellness Center opened its doors on Dec, 1, 2009, and boats a surprisingly stylish atmosphere, a large and [...]

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Published in EthnoScopes: Tracks of an Anthropologist

A New Chiropractic Office in Seoul Ribs, ribs, never gave them much thought before. My little November-December surprise this year has been a real "treat" [heavy sarcasm here] - some ribs have popped off the sternum. Although I was going to one chiropractic clinic, when two more ribs abandoned ship last week while sleeping on [...]

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Rolfing re-emerging as solution to pain, tension-related ailments – Published in Korea Times

Rolfing re-emerging as solution to pain, tension-related ailments By Kelly Frances Got a headache or sore throat? Aching muscles? Before popping one of the many commercial remedies available, you might consider a trip to your chiropractor for a little "Rolfing" action. As a chronic pain sufferer and post surgery patient, I decided to try out [...]

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Tylenol-free Me – Published in Groove Magazine

Tylenol-Free Me By Kelly Frances Attention chronic pain sufferers: it's time to put away your Tylenol. You may, in fact, never have to rely on another pain pill again. Why, you ask, might I suggest such a bold claim? Not least as I am presently hobbling around on crutches after having broken my leg; my [...]

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Published in News: Stars and Stripes

Here's a repost in Dr. Phil's Article in 2004. Clinic's message: Maintain your body By Joseph Giordono, Stars and Stripes Pacific edition, Wednesday, November 3, 2004 The following clarification to this story ran in the Nov. 6 edition of Stars and Stripes: "A Nov. 3 article about a Yongsan Garrison preventive medicine clinic included a photograph [...]

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Article Published for Bejing Olympics

Dr. Phil was an official sports chiropractor for the World Olympians Association during the 2008  Beijing Olympics. Here is an article about Dr. Phil's experience as an Olympic sports chiropractor  in Adobe PDF format: Beijing Article by Dr. Phil (pdf) - 5 MBs

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