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– Licensed Swedish Physiotherapist 

– Rehabilitation Exercise Trainer

– Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, Uppsala University 

– Advanced courses in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) and Ergonomics

– Continuing education Medbridge Education

I chose to become a physiotherapist because of personal health and fitness interests. Specifically, personal experiences with spinal and knee problems contributed to this interest. I want to help people to maintain their quality of life and level of activity, even when injured, in pain, or having inadequate physical function for another reason.

Over the years I have been working with rehabilitative exercise, preventive training and rehabilitation in different facilities and with different emphases. Always with a holistic approach and mindsetting. My goal is to help my patients achieve physical awareness, good and adequate function in the locomotor system, and a balanced mind.

Specializes in:
– Rehabilitation after injury in the musculoskeletal system
– Preventive training / prehab / injury preventive
– Ergonomics
– Stress management / stress reduction Workshops on request.