Testimonial: Pains disappeared, more energy, and sound sleep

"When I discovered the benefits that could be gained from regular maintainence of my spine and joints through chiropractic care and physical therapy exercises, I gained a whole new lease on life. Pains have diminished greatly or disappeared altogether. I can walk better, am more energetic and sleep deeper and sounder. What a difference!"   [...]

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Dr. Michael’ Miraculous Disc Sciatic Leg Pain Cure

Doctors of chiropractic and osteopathic medicine in Seoul, Korea treats Dr. Michael Hadzantonis for disc and sciatica leg pain which he developed after running up and down hills. Dr. Michael couldn't even walk without severe leg pain let alone run which he loves. After only 3 chiropractic, osteipathy, and spinal decompression sessions Michael was able [...]

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Marcus’s Miraculous Ankle Sprain Cure

Avid ultra trail runner aussie Marcus rolled his ankle trail running on Namsan and suffered a grade 1 sprain. Dr. Phillip Yoo a sports chiropractor in seoul got his swelling and pain down 75% after just one treatment with graston technique and special rehabilitation exercises.

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Lionel’s Lucky Pinched Neck Nerve Pain Cure

Dr. Phillip Yoo, chiropractor in seoul and Dr. Joseph Kim, osteopath in seoul treated Lionel's severe pinched nerve and muscle spasm in his neck and upper shoulder/trapezius area . Lionel received fast results with the graston technique and reduced his pain meds to almost not having to take them any longer.

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