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Baby Olivia & cranial osteopathy

Here, Little angel Olivia, two months old, is smiling. Olivia's colic and evening crying has gone away following a single treatment from Dr. Joseph. Gentle cranial osteopathic care checked her cranial bone movements and gentle manual support reduced her muscular tension on her neck, which made her sleep much more comfortably during the night. All [...]

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Newspaper Article about our clinic

Sky Wellness Center (now Create Wellness Center) The sky's the limit for Itaewon's newest health, wellness and chiropractic clinic   Owned by Dr. Sean Kim, who has been serving the foreign community in Itaewon since 2005, Sky Wellness Center opened its doors on Dec, 1, 2009, and boats a surprisingly stylish atmosphere, a large and [...]

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Published in EthnoScopes: Tracks of an Anthropologist

A New Chiropractic Office in Seoul Ribs, ribs, never gave them much thought before. My little November-December surprise this year has been a real "treat" [heavy sarcasm here] - some ribs have popped off the sternum. Although I was going to one chiropractic clinic, when two more ribs abandoned ship last week while sleeping on [...]

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Testimonial: Pains disappeared, more energy, and sound sleep

"When I discovered the benefits that could be gained from regular maintainence of my spine and joints through chiropractic care and physical therapy exercises, I gained a whole new lease on life. Pains have diminished greatly or disappeared altogether. I can walk better, am more energetic and sleep deeper and sounder. What a difference!"   [...]

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Tension By Dr. Sean Kim December 2, 2009   The department stores have hung decorations and Starbucks has red and green mugs for sale. These signs that the holidays are upon us are hard to miss. The holiday season, for many, signals a time of joy and sharing. For others, however, stress an tension are [...]

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